Lucky Fruits

A Slot Machine by Kare Technology

Lucky Fruits screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Lucky Fruits © 200? Kare Technology.

Would you like to taste a sparkling fruit cocktail? It's made of a juicy pear, a funny banana wearing a red hat, a charming plum and twin cherries. Oh, we forgot a sweet strawberry. By the way if you see three strawberries on the reels simultaneously Roulette Bonus starts. The number of attempts in this bonus depends on the number of strawberries. If you are lucky you may double your winning by playing cards with the oriental beauty. Enjoy the fruit cocktail with the maximum bet of 450 credits and 500,000 credits maximum winning!


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Three barrels turn in a circle on the screen; the cards with depicted images are situated along the perimeter of it. All of them have their own value. The cards are highlighted by promptly moving light. The winning value depends on what card the impulse will stop on.