Loving Deads - The House of the Dead EX

Arcade Video game published 13 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Loving Deads - The House of the Dead EX screenshot

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Loving Deads - The House of the Dead EX © 2008 Sega Enterprises, limited.

This is a more casual spin-off to the main games and adds a more humorous twist to the series. Players play either Zobio or Zobiko, a pair of young zombies in love, who seek to escape from captivity. As opposed to the general gameplay of the series, EX's levels are made up of a series of minigames. Sections are split up into various paths, some of which use the lightgun, such as shooting apples, and others which use a foot pedal on the machine, such as stomping on spiders. The goal of each level is to fulfil a quota within the time limit, indicated by long hands reaching towards each other.


Sega Lindbergh Hardware

CPU : Intel Pentium 4 3.0G HT (800Mhz FSB - 1MB L2 Cache)
GFX : NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series GPU
GFX Memory : 256MB (256 bit GDDR3)
OS : Montavista Linux
GFX Capabilities : Vertex Shader 3.0, Pixel Shader 3.0
Audio : 3D audio synthesizer chip onboard, possible to have 64 sounds playing simultaneously, 5.1 surround output.
Video output: One analog D-Sub, Two Digital DVI outputs.
Display : Single or dual monitor support. Can output the same picture to each monitor or different pictures on each monitor, the resolution for each of the 2 monitors can also be different.
Sound output: The two front speakers have RCA connectors, SPDIF for full surround.
Resolution : HDTV (High Definition)
RAM : 1024MB 184pin DDR SD-RAM PC3200 (2x 512MB DDR 400 sticks)
LAN : 10/100/1000 TBase Gigabit Network
Other : DVD Drive Support, USB2.0 (x4) - Sega ALL.NET online support.
Connector Format : JVS
Protection : High Spec original security module.


The House of the Dead EX was released on December 17, 2008.

Zobio and Zobiko appear as playable characters who work together in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, and Microsoft Xbox 360, in the Nintendo DS version though, Zobio appears by himself.


1. The House of the Dead (1996)
2. The House of the Dead 2 (1998)
3. The House of the Dead III (2003)
4. The House of the Dead 4 (2005)
5. Loving Deads - The House of the Dead EX (2008)
6. The House of the Dead - Overkill (2009, Nintendo Wii)


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