Lomax [Model SLES-00451]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Psygnosis

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Lomax © 1996 Psygnosis, Ltd.


Game ID: SLES-00451


Export releases:
[US] "The Adventures of Lomax [Model SCUS-94906]"
[JP] "The Adventures of Lomax [Model SLPS-00987]"

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Programmer: Erwin Kloibhofer
Graphic Artist: Henk Nieborg
Editor Programming: Erwin Kloibhofer
Level Design: Henk Nieborg
Producer: Greg Duddle
Music Design: Philip Morris
Sound Design: Philip Morris
Music Composed and Produced by: PC Music Ltd.
Mixed in Dolby Surround by: Steve Cowell (Pearl Studios - Liverpool), Keith Leary (Pearl Studios - Liverpool)
Speech and Sound Effects: PC Music Ltd.
Sound Driver Software: Andrew Crowley
Product Managers: David Dyett (UK), Laura McLeod (US)
Manual Design: Anthony Roberts
Packaging Design: Anthony Roberts
Packaging Illustration: Tim Beaumont
Maunal Editor: Damon Fairclough
Technical Assistance: Craig Duddle
Public Relations: Mark Day (US), Dana Oertell (US)
Games Testing: Jenny Newby, Stephen Allen, Ray Livingston, Alan McArdle, Jeff Bird, Tracey Tweedle
Licencing: Maggie Goodwin, Ian A. Grieve, Suzanne McGlynn
Special Thanks to: Lomax and Evil Ed, Andrew M. Brechin, Steven Riding, Jamie Riding