Logic Pro Adventure

The Arcade Video Game PCB by Amuse World

Logic Pro Adventure screenshot

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[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCB

Logic Pro Adventure © 1999 Amuse World Corp.


Sony ZN-1 hardware


Released in February 1999 in Japan only.

Developed by Deniam (Korea) for Amuse World (Japan).


All Programming: Kwanhee Seo
Sound Effect: Kwanhee Seo
Tools: Kwanhee Seo
TPS Porting: Kwanhee Seo
Game Design: Bonggun Shin
BG & Object GFX: Bonggun Shin
Illustration: Shunghoon Park
PSX Game Design: Shunghoon Park
Text GFX: Shunghoon Park
Executive Producer: Jungryul Kim
Management: Sangchul Lee
Public Relation: Sangchul Lee
Puzzle Makers: Sangwong Lee, Haejin Kim, Donghun Park, Sungwoo Park
BGM: Baeheon Kim, Yonggam Lee, Tecmo
Voices: Keiko Ishizaka

Game's ROM.