Lode Runner Twin - Justy to Liberty no Daibouken [Model SHVC-7Z]

Nintendo Super Famicom cart. published 27 years ago by T&E Soft.

Lode Runner Twin - Justy to Liberty no Daibouken [Model SHVC-7Z] screenshot

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?????????? ?????????????? © 1994 T&E Soft.
(Lode Runner Twin - Justy to Liberty no Daibouken)

Lode Runner Twins is a cute platform game by T&E Soft and based on Brøderbund's popular franchise. The player controls a young knight (or a priestess) whose mission is to explore all the magic caves located underneath the kingdom's castle. Their first task is to retrieve all the candies stolen by some grey little devils. Just like with any traditional Lode Runner game, each level features multi-level platforms connected with ladders and horizontal ropes. Interestingly, the game can either be played in full-screen (press Select) or with a head-up-display taking half of the screen-space. Our heroes can also dig holes using their magic powers and trap (or slowdown) the various monsters wondering around each area. However, foes only disappear if the hole happens to collapse on them, and they will then automatically reappear somewhere in the stage - but watch out, players can also fall in these holes and they will be unable to climb back out. When all the candies (and various items) are collected, a ladder appears somewhere in the level and leads to the exit. Lode Runner Twins features several play modes: Story gets the player to explore countless stages (10 areas and a total of 100 stages)m and the game's progress can be saved using a simple password system, Free Play gives tons of levels to explore in no specific order, and finally the game also features an intense horizontal split-screen two-player battle mode.

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Cartridge ID: SHVC-7Z


Lode Runner Twin for SFC was released in July 29, 1994 in Japan for 8800 Yen.


Enter KAZE in the password menu to have access to all 100 stages.


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