Loco-Motion [Model 4438]

A 36-year-old Mattel Intellivision Game by Mattel Electronics

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Loco-Motion © 1982 Mattel Electronics.

Based on the Konami arcade game.

Are you ready? START YOUR ENGINE! You're in the engineer's seat with full control... or so you think! This railway challenges you with troubles galore!

Score as many points as possible by arranging track sections and routing the Train to pick up passengers at the stations. Don't delay or they get angry, riot and blow up stations! Avoid Crazy Train or Loop Sweeper collisions -- they're out to get you! And Crazy Tracks sidetrack you off in another direction! Panic at the wrong time and it may hurt! You have 3 Trains...keep playing until you lose all 3! Pick up all passengers on a screen and a new screen appears, with an even greater challenge!


Model 4438

ENTER: Panic Button


The score is shown when you lose a Train or CLEAR a screen.
For each track section crossed: 10 points
For passengers picked up at stations: 100 points
Station Reward (bonus): Varies with time
For each Crazy Track crossed: 150 points
Clear a screen: 1000 points
Perfect Clear: 5000 points


* The piece of track that your Train is on may be switched into the blank. The Train will move with the track.

* Learn to identify in which direction a track goes (straight, right or left) by the color of the track.

* The piece of track your Train is on is lighted with a stationary yellow light. Use this light as an indicator of when you have safely moved onto the next piece of track.

* Go for the BONUS stations first! Score more points than those offered for picking up passengers at regular stations!

* Try to arrange track sections so that 2 CRAZY TRAINS crash. It will cause the addition of one pair of TRAIN STOPS on the tracks where the collisions occurred. A fixed hazard is easier to deal with than a moving one!

* Use your PANIC BUTTON wisely! Remember when used successfully, it cause the addition of one pair of TRAIN STOPS (a fixed hazard) to some piece of track...and those TRAIN STOPS carry over to the next screen!

* Bonus Trains at 10,000 points and every 70,000 points thereafter!


Program: Daniel Bass
Track layouts: Dan Bass, Mark Buchignani
Graphics: Dan Bass, Joe Ferreira
Music/Sound Effects: Andy Sells

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