Little League Baseball Championship Series [Model NES-KQ-USA]

A 28-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by SNK

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Little League Baseball Championship Series © 1990 SNK.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Famicom version for more information: "Koushien [Model KAC-KQ]".

Description from the back cover:

Little League Baseball! It's the game every kid in America loves to play... And now you can experience the fun and excitement of Little League Baseball at any time of the year, rain or shine, day or night - right in your own living room!

Create your own winning team of players with batting, fielding, pitching, and running characteristics you can tailor to your own specifications. Then challenge a friend or the computer to a worldwide Championship Series tournament.

You are in full control of your players: Jump or dive for a tricky catch... Choose a full swing or a bunt for your batter... Shift fielders at will... Send in a pinch hitter or runner... Select a fast ball, slow ball, or curve ball for your pitcher... Steal a base if you dare... Or you might even try a squeeze play!

Little League Baseball has been an American institution for 50 years - and you can be a part of it. If you're a Little League fan or a Little League player - or if you ever wanted to be - here's your chance to go for the glory!




Released in July 1990 in the USA.
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