Lion [Arrangeball]

A 43-year-old Pachinko by Satomi

Not emulated yet.


Lion [Arrangeball] © 1975 Satomi Company, Limited.

An arrangeball machine. The player deposits a token to release 16 balls that then roll down to the spring loaded shooter handle. These balls stay within the machine. The object is to have the balls land in various pockets to light rows, columns, center four, and/or diagonal numbers on the 4X4 number matrix in the center of the playfield. The pocket just below the matrix lights the number 7, immediately pays out one coin, and briefly flashes red. The score is kept by the horizontal row of numbers at the very top. As scores are made, the various numbers light and are then added for the total score. The winnings are paid out by starting a new game or pressing the pay out button. The pocket to the left of the left most lower pocket and the pocket to the right of the right most lower pocket return the ball to the shooter to be played again. These ball return pockets can be disabled by sliding the green plastic guides over those pockets.


Lion [Arrangeball] the Pachinko
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Columns and rows payout 1, the center four pays 3, and diagonals pay 2. Max score per game is 15.