Link - The Faces of Evil [Model 810 0080]

A 25-year-old Phillips CD-i Game by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Link - The Faces of Evil © 1993 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Ganon and his minions have seized the peaceful island of Koridai and imprisoned Zelda. Only Link can defeat Ganon. To do so, he must conquer the hideous Faces of Evil... Each more diabolic than the one before. Against all odds, Zelda must be freed and Koridai returned to harmony.

This fast-paced arcade-style game features 70 playfields. The friendliest and the meanest of 90 astonishing characters will talk to you in full animation. Encouter the spear-throwing Molblin, rock spitting Octoroks and much more.


Model 810 0080


This game and its characters are based on Nintendo's Legend of Zelda games.

Export releases:
[US] 310690118-2 (October 10, 1993)
[FR] 8100089
[GE] 8130091
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Producer: Dale DeSharone
Script: Jonathan Merritt
Programmers: Linde Dynneson, John O'Brien, John Wheeler
Graphic Design: Rob Dunlavey
Video Production by Animation Magic.
Audio Production: William Havlicek
Music: William Havlicek, Tony Trippi

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