Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2 [Famicom Mini] [Model AGB-FLBJ-JPN]

The Nintendo GBA Game by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Emulated in MAME !


[HANDHELD] Nintendo GBA Game

Link no Bouken - The Legend of Zelda 2 © 2004 Nintendo Company, Limited.

The games that defined an era are ready to go on your Game Boy Advance!

Embark on a quest to find the Triforce of Courage, awaken Princess Zelda from an evil wizards spell and save Hyrule from ruin. Learn magic spells and collect items to increase your power!


Famicom Mini Series #25
Cartridge ID: AGB-FLBJ-JPN


Released on August 10, 2004 in Japan.

Game's ROM.

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