Lexis [Model CF2003]

Atari Lynx Cart. published 24 years ago by Songbird Productions

Emulated in MAME !
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Lexis © 1994 Songbird Productions.


Model CF2003


* Hidden Galaxian Game: If you complete the Pages game mode, you are given a code to reach a hidden Galaxian game. This code is a bit tricky to enter, but it works. At the Table of Contents page (the main menu), enter rapidly the sequence Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, OPTION 1, OPTION 2, and then start the game (notice that the game mode in Setup must be Pages, which is the default settings). If you have entered the code correctly, you will warp to the end of Pages: after completing the last word, you will be required to enter your initials and then you will be communicated the Galaxian code (as if you have completed the game). Now, you can finally play the hidden game!


Programmer: Dave Dies

Game's ROM.