Lethal Enforcers [Model SNS-LK-USA]

Nintendo Super NES Game published 24 years ago by Konami

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Lethal Enforcers © 1994 Konami Company, Limited.


Cartridge ID: SNS-LK-USA


The Super Nintendo port of Lethal Enforcers is bundled with the Konami Justifier light gun which bears resemblance to the Konami-issued revolvers of the arcade game.

This port was known for maintaining the enviromental interactivity (i.e. shooting out glass windows) from the Arcade version which the Sega Genesis and Sega CD ports did not have.

Despite the box warned that the game was for mature audiences only, the SNES port of Lethal Enforcers was heavily censored.

Things that were censored
*Instead of showing a blood splatter with the "Innocent Victim" text whenever a civilian is shot, a neon green "caution!" sign pops up above the civilian's head. Interestingly enough, the shot civilian continues moving instead of being killed like in the Arcade version as well as the Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and eventually, the Playstation port (which was one half of Lethal Enforcers 1 and 2).

*Chinatown Assault was renamed Downtown Assault out of concern of stereotyping the chinese in a bad light.

*The Drug Dealer was renamed The Gunrunner as a result of Nintendo of America's strict policy on the mentioning or depiction of controlled substances in their games.

This port seems to be based on the japanese version of the Arcade version since the game features the "Street Mode" stage select, and that you're able to complete the game by completing the primary 5 stages (Bank Robbery, Downtown Assault, The Hijacking, The Gunrunners, Chemical Plant).
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