Lethal Enforcers

A 25-year-old Sega Genesis Game by Konami

Lethal Enforcers screenshot

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Lethal Enforcers © 1993 Konami Company, Limited.


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This port of Lethal Enforcers is bundled with the Konami Justifier light gun which bears resemblance to the Konami issued revolvers seen in the original arcade game.

This game does not feature the enviromental interactivity elements (save for the tires of the cars in the car chase acts in The Bank Robbery and the Drug Dealer stages) that the Arcade version has.

This game is rated MA-17 (Mature Audiences Only) by Sega's Videogame Ratings Council.

Unlike the Super Nintendo port, the Genesis port of Lethal Enforcers retains the violence elements (i.e. the blood splatter with the "Innocent Victim" text above a civilian following his or her accidental shooting), as well as maintaining the original stage titles.

This port is known for penalizing players for either poor accuracy or by shooting innocent bystanders by forcing them to redo the stage that they either did not meet the required accuracy quota (i.e. setting the game on Easy difficulty requires 60% or more in accuracy) or shot a civilian.

Unlike the SNES port, The Genesis port of Lethal Enforcers features 2 modes which the player can select in the Options Screen. Arcade mode which has the player go through the main 5 stages in order, while Practice mode permits the game to be the Training Range.

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