Lemmings [Model PA2080]

A 25-year-old Atari Lynx Cart. by Atari

Emulated in MAME !

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Lemmings © 1993 Atari Corp.

Lemmings may be cute, but they're about as smart as a box of toothpicks. Give a toothpick some arms and legs and you can see why these little Lemmings are always getting themselves into trouble. This is where you come in. You see, Lemmings love to wander into places they don't belong, especially underground. The only problem is,Lemmings need sunlight to survive. Without the sun, these cuddly creatures are doomed. So as the sole member of the Save the Lemmings Foundation, you are the only one who can rescue these silly creatures, and save them from almost certain extinction.


Model PA2080


* Final Level Passwords: Enter these passwords to start from the final level 30, in the various difficulty settings: DIRTYGIRTY (FUN), HURTYHURTY (TRICKY), FIVEXSIXIS (TAXING), LEMMGFINAL (MAYHEM)

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