BASIC soft. type-in published 45 years ago by Creative Computing Soft.

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LEM © 1976 Creative Computing Soft.

A Lunar Lander game. The player must successfully land a lunar excursion module on the moon. This version is turn based and features movement in all directions. Each turn the player must give the burn rates for horizontal, vertical and transverse thrusters in addition to the duration for the next input. The aim is to reach the landing site on the surface of the moon in a way that doesn't leave a crater.

This version of the game allows the player to set almost all parameters at the start of the game, such as starting altitude, velocity, landing site location, amount of fuel, maximum burn rate and gravity.


Original author is unknown
Modified by: Bill Cotter


* Computers:
PTC Sol-20 (1976)
IBM 5100 (1977)


Game's Code.