Leisure Library

Texas Instruments TI-57 soft. published 44 years ago by Texas Instruments

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Leisure Library © 1977 Texas Instruments.

A compilation of many programs on solid state magnetic cards for use on the TI-57/58/59 programmable calculators. The following games are included:
* Codebreaker - a Mastermind variant in which a four digit code needs to be cracked.
* Blackjack - an implementation of the classic casino card game.
* Acey-Deucy - a number guessing game.
* Craps - an implementation of the classic casino dice game.
* Mars Lander - a lunar lander variant.
* Jive Turkey - a number guessing game. After each guess the calculator will tell if the player is high or low, but sometimes it's lying.
* Hangman - a word guessing game for two players.
* Learning Nim - a version of Nim with a learning AI.
* Football - a football game in which players take turns to input the moves of their quarterback.
* Sea Battle - a submarine hunting game. The player has fifteen missiles to fire at a moving submarine hidden in a grid.