Legend of Hero Tonma [Model IC03005]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 27 years ago by Irem

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Legend of Hero Tonma © 1991 Irem Corp.

Legend of Hero Tonma is the conversion of Irem's cute arcade game. The player takes control of a little caped boy called Tommy. The kingdom's princess has been kidnaped by an evil Goblin monster and he keeps her prisoner in his deepest dungeon. Tommy starts his adventures in a devastated village haunted by bouncing mummies and skeleton warriors. He will travel through many areas and affront the evil goblin in his terrifying castle. Tommy is not a usual kid. His cape allows him to hoover on short distances and his magic gloves can fire small, yet powerful, fireballs. Chests scattered around the game hide coins but also power-ups. Some will upgrade Tommy's fireballs, others will give him new powers like rotating shields or homing-fireballs. Tommy can also use another trick and jump on his enemies's heads and freeze them for a short amount of time. The visited world is vast and spreads over seven long stages.
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HuCARD ID: IC03005
HuCARD Size: 4Mbits


Legend of Hero Tonma for PC-Engine was released on March 13, 1991 for 7000 yen.

The original arcade game was released by Irem in 1989.

Known export release:
"Legend of Hero Tonma [Model TGX040083]"


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (sept.4, 2007) [Model PBMJ]
Nintendo Wii U [Virtual Console] [JP] (mar.18, 2015) [Model PPCJ]

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com