Laser Gates [Model 03208]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Imagic, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !


[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

Laser Gates © 1983 Imagic

Navigate the Dante Dart through the caverns of the Cryptic Computer.

Destroy Radar Mortars, Rock Munchers, Homing Missiles and Byte Bats.

Blast your way through Densepack Columns.

Time your approach in order to survive Flashing, Flexing and Fixed Forcefields.

Avoid colliding with the jagged walls of the Computer.

Reach and destroy each of the four Failsafe Detonators inside the Computer.


Model 03208


Pass Forcefield: 400 points
Destroy Radar Mortar: 115 points
Destroy Rock Muncher: 325 points
Destroy Bat: 330 points
Destroy Homing Missile: 525 points
Destroy Detonator: 6507 points


Programmer: Dan Oliver

Game's ROM.