Laser Clay Shooting System

Gun game published 48 years ago by Nintendo

Impossible to emulate.

Laser Clay Shooting System © 1973 Nintendo.


Nintendo veteran Gunpei Yokoi suggested to Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi the use of light guns for their products. He was particularly inspired after purchasing a rifle and heading to a skeet shooting range. So, with that, Yamauchi purchased a multitude of unused bowling alleys. They had become unused because the popularity of the sport had dwindled after the 60's when they were quite popular. Some of the problems they encountered were thwarted by employee Genyo Takeda, who had just joined the company.

One of the most interesting events happened on day one, and without the help of Takeda this event could've gone terribly wrong - and technically it did - but the customers didn't have to know. Something wrong happened to the programing, and to conquer this problem Takeda had to go behind the screen and personally control the clay pigeons and delete them when the customers shot at them. He also had to raise the score correspondingly. Eventually they got everything under control.