Laser Blast [Model AG-008]

The Atari 2600 Cart. by Activision, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !


[CONSOLE] Atari 2600 Cart.

Laser Blast © 1981 Activision

Get set for the battle of your life. With Laser Blast by ACTIVISION, you're up against enemy attackers in a space shoot-out that defies description. But please, take time out to read these instructions. They're full of helpful hints on how to handle some very relentless adversaries. Good luck and good shooting!

Four game variations:
Game 1: Cadet Level
Game 2: Lieutenant Level
Game 3: Captain Level
Game 4: Commander Level

The difference between variations is how rapidly the speed and firing rate of the enemy ground attackers improves as the game progresses. The relative difficulty of an attack group is calculated by multiplying the speed times the firing rate for that group.


Model AG-008


Tips from David Crane, designer of Laser Blast
David Crane is also the designer of Dragster and Fishing Derby by ACTIVISION. He prides himself in taking on some of the most challenging game assignments possible.

"As you will quickly discover, Laser Blast is a game not only of skill but also of 'endurance'. There's really no time for taking breathers."

"And that brings me to my most important tip. Always keep your ship in motion and fire quickly! A 'moving' object is much harder to hit than one standing still. Since the attackers are continuously aiming and firing, you much be quick enough to dodge their fire, move into attack position and destroy their forces. Then quickly move on."

"It is possible to stay in one place and fire quickly enough to destroy your attackers before they zero in on you. But this is a very tough strategy to execute and demands superior skill and concentration."

"The game can get a little frustrating at times. But keep at it and you'll soon be eligible for membership in the Activision Federation of Laser Blasters. And take time out from your space battles to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you."


Programmer: David Crane

Game's ROM.

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