L-Dis [Model NSCD 0005]

NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM published 27 years ago by NCS

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L-Dis © 1991 NCS.

L-Dis is a wacky horizontal shooter by NCS featuring cartoon graphics and mad weaponry and enemies such as giant bouncing eggs, huge flying army boats and evil red crabs. During an afternoon school break, the two heroes of L-Dis decide to play in the school's back yard. In their favorite hideout, they let they imagination free and draw fantasy animals and spaceships on the walls. But this time, a weird squary-shaped creature appears from nowhere and turns their drawings into real monsters. Our hero's girlfriend gets kidnaped as the threatening face of an evil woman appears in the sky. There's no choice, our courageous boy has to defeat all these enemies before they take over the city and the rest of the world. The game features three different difficulty modes (Easy, Normal and Hard) and only the two latter modes get the player to enjoy the game in full. Three different weapon-setups are also available form the start and they dictate how weapons behave later in the game. Weapons can be upgraded by shooting at cute yellow flying bags with wings which drop icons with Japanese inscriptions on them. This can be confusing at first for anyone not familiar with the Japanese language, just remember that pink icons usually power up weapons, blue icons give multiples and yellow icons give shields or bombs. These bombs can also be saved for later, they follow the ship and can be dropped at any time by pressing the other action button. L-Dis is a huge game with no less than six incredibly long stages.


Game ID: NSCD 0005


L-Dis was released on April 05, 1991 in Japan for 6500 Yen.

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com