Kuru Kuru Pyon Pyon

A 28-year-old Coin-op Medal Game by Success

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Kuru Kuru Pyon Pyon © 1990 Success.

- Insert tokens (medals)..
- You can bet to any (or all) of the following 5 characters: Bote, Oume, Pyoko, Kunio, and Pyon Pyon. Press start, and the reels start to roll. You'll win if you can get 3 of the choosen character(s) in a row, column or diagonal.
- The black tadpoles behave just like jokers... If you have 2 choosen characters in a row and the remaining one is a black tadpole, it will transform into another character to complete the 3 in a row, allowing you to win.
- Red tadpoles are a bonus. Once you get one, it will go to the right panel, revealing a number. This number represents the extra credits you won.


Kuru Kuru Pyon Pyon the Coin-op Medal Game
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The cabinet was made by Taiyo Jidoki


Kuru Kuru Pyon Pyon was released in July 1990.

The game name could be translated as 'Croak Croak Hop Hop'. Kuru is the frog sound, and Pyon is the sound of jumps.

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