Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu [Model NGM-0208]

SNK Neo-Geo MVS cart. published 25 years ago by Technos Japan

Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu [Model NGM-0208] screenshot

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くにおの熱血闘球伝説 © 1996 Technos Japan Corp.
(Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu)

The popular game of Dodge Ball is a rather unique sport in which teams of three players try to knock each other out with the help of special moves and team attacks. In this game you take control of a team and must beat all other teams (you can even recruit the other team's leader after beating them!) in order to face the current Dodge Ball champion and take the title. Features cool anime style graphics, catchy music & great sound effects, plenty of moves at your disposal and a solid challenge level. Dodge Ball anyone? :)


Runs on the SNK "Neo-Geo MVS" hardware.
Game ID : NGM-208

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 4
=> [A] Shoot/Catch, [B] Pass/Dodge, [C] Jump, [D] Faint/Provoke


Literaly 'Kunio's Hotblooded Dodgeball Legend'.

This game is known outside Japan as 'Super Dodge Ball'.

This game runs on the Neo-Geo MVS but was never released on the Neo-Geo AES home console.

This is yet another game by Technos that features characters inspired by the River City Ransom manga. In the overhead map at the beginning of each match, all characters are drawn in a comical small body style, apparently as an homage of the famous NES games that featured the River City Ransom characters.

Kunio appears in "Renegade" / "Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun" as main characters.

After the release of this game, Technos Japan went bankrupt (December 15, 95). Since the licenses of Kunio-Kun and Dodge-Ball had a great values in the 90's, former Technos Japan staff established a new company.


The International versions of this game are almost identical to the Japanese version (no voice cuts as in the Magical Drop games), only the title screen is completely different & the fact that Shinji's taunt is censored outside Japan (Instead of merely shaking his fist angrily at his opponents, Shinji gives them the middle finger!).


* Characters turn VERY slowly in this game, this means that you can score free hits if you either run past them and smack them with the ball, or pass the ball to a teammate that has already been defeated!

* Beat the game without continuing to see a special screen after the credits with all the characters grouped together.


1. Super Dodge Ball [Model TA-0022] (1987, ARC)
2. Kunio no Dodgeball dayo Zen'in Shuugou! (1993, SFC)
3. Kunio no Nekketsu Toukyuu Densetsu [Model NGM-0208] (1996, MVS)
4. Super Dodge Ball Advance (2001, GBA)
5. Super Dodgeball Brawlers (2008, NDS)


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