Kung Food [Model PA2076]

A 26-year-old Atari Lynx Cart. by Atari

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Kung Food © 1992 Atari Corp.

Kung Food is an action adventure game.

Your kitchen is usually a safe, warm place. Not any more. The top secret chemical you stored in your freezer became active when the door was left open. Now the contents of your freezer have come to life, and the effects of this chemical have spread throughout the kitchen. Even you have been transformed. Reduced to a little green man, you must boldly go to your freezer and destroy such transformed tidbits as ice demons and killer kung fu carrots. If you fail, your fearsome food will conquer the world.
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Model PA2076


After you pick up some points, they appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Your total is also on the screen that appears when you lose a lite. Points are awarded as follows:
All powerups: 200
Ice man: 300
Sausage man: 200
Tomato: 400
Pea: 100
Ice king: 2000 + 100 per strike
Carrot: 300
Mash man: 200
Big batter man: 2000 + 200 per strike
Fly: 600
Rat: 600
Rat riding sausage: 2000 + 300 per strike
Green slimy: 600
Big green slimy: 2000 + 400 per strike
Bubble bottle: 800 + 100 per strike
Apple copter: 2500 + 500 per strike
Spider: 400
Ant: 1000
Wasp: 800
Slug: 1000
Snail: 600
Red whirlwind plant: 5000 + 600 per strike
Yellow whirlwind plant: 25000 + 700 per strike


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