Krazy Ivan [Model SLES-00084]

A 22-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Sony Computer Ent. Europe

Not emulated yet.


Krazy Ivan © 1996 Sony Computer Ent. Europe.

Boasting one of the most impressive FMV intros ever seen, Krazy Ivan raised more than a few eyebrows on release.

It plugs the player into a 40-foot armoured suit primed for mass destruction, armed to the teeth and battling over 5 Earth locations against the Sentients - mechanised beasties put on Earth by a mysterious alien race. The Sentients emulate animals seen by the aliens on previous visits.

Krazy Ivan was the first game to feature depth cueing to give a realistic sense of distance, and the graphics are top notch. Gouraud shaded polygon-based characters complement the graphic armoury, which plunges you into a believable and all-too dangerous world.

Looking for a top quality blaster? Get Krazy Ivan - you won't be disappointed.


Game ID: SLES-00084


Released in January 1996 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Krazy Ivan [Model SCUS-94303]"
[JP] "Krazy Ivan [Model SLPS-00492]"
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