Klax [Model TGN-019-KX]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 28 years ago by Tengen, Inc.

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Klax © 1990 Tengen.

For one or two players, KLAX makes you move fast - and think faster!

Catch colored tiles coming down a conveyor belt. Score big points by arranging them in same-colored stacks of threes - vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A tic-tac-tile game if you will.

Sounds easy? It is... until the tiles come tumbling at you so fast, you'll go nuts trying to catch them all - while figuring out where best to stack them before you run out of room!

No matter how tough it gets, the hardest part is pulling yourself away from this fun, fast, and totally addictive game!


Model # TGN-019-KX


Klax was the first video game with versions for all three of 1990's leading consoles, the NES, the Genesis and the TurboGrafx-16.

Export releases:
[JP] "Klax [Model HFC-V6]"
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Original Game Design: Dave Akers, Mark Stephen Pierce

Programming: Dave O'Riva
Graphics: Greg Williams
Music: Dave O'Riva, LX Rudis

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