Kkot Nori

A Arcade Video Game by NamHan Industry

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Kkot Nori © 1989 NamHan Industry.

A lucky 8 line hack used in Korea.


Unlike Lucky 8 Lines, this game has just 6 buttons.
Button order : Big-Small-Double UP-Take Score-Start-Bet (from left to right).


The title of this game translates from Korean as 'Flower Playing'.

The 29th April 1989, NamHan Industry passed KMRB (Korea Media Rating Board) license.

In the '80s Korea was a developing country which had a military administration over the past 20 years. Most people seldom thought about slot machines at that time.

In 1987, First Lucky 8 Lines was released in Korea. Surely it was the best seller in the arcade market until SF2 came out. The real pachi-slot machines existed before, (although prohibited) but Lucky 8 Lines was freely playable in the arcade even with hopper until the government prohibited it.

The success of Lucky 8 Lines met the twist of fate. A Korean TV debate program 'Woman' (KBS) informed about nudity in Lucky 8 Lines. Korea YWCA also reported that this nasty game was played by elementary school students (Korea YWCA does still co-work with KMRB.) In fact, some nudity games existed before but popularity matters.

After this event, the arcades removed Lucky 8 Lines and replaced it with a more moderate one. Kkot Nori was one of the moderate versions of Korean digital reel games (though it was truly a bootleg).

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