Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle [Model NGH-216]

A 22-year-old SNK Neo-Geo AES Cart. by SNK

Not emulated yet.


Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle © 1996 SNK [Shin Nihon Kikaku]

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[Model NGH-216]
242 Mega


This AES version was released on November 08, 1996 in United States of America and Europe.

The European version is one of the most expensive and rare video games of all time, there is rumored to be no more than 10 copies, 4 confirmed circulating in Europe and the US, and the last one sold for around $12,500. Several rumors as to the scarcity of European cartridges make the rounds among fans but it is widely believed that the game's poor sales in Europe led to cartridges getting sent back to Japan. It is likely their ROM chips were deleted and used for other games or that the cartridges were simply outfitted with Japanese labels and sold again since the Japanese versions as such were identical to the European ones.

For more information about this game, please go to the original MVS release: "Kizuna Encounter - Super Tag Battle [Model NGM-216]".

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