Kisou Louga [Model KSCD3004]

A 25-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD-ROM by Kogado Studio

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Kisou Louga © 1993 Kogado Studio

Kisou Louga is an interesting mix of fantasy war game and role playing game. The game offers awesome full screen animations. The game starts as the two main characters (Buaisu and Gaimu ?) rescue a beautiful girl (Erena) being chased by dark and evil knights. She joins them and tells the story of an evil man and his army of knights. As any traditional strategy game, fights are round based and always start with a scrollable top view of the battle field. During each round, you can either move your characters or engage a close combat if you are close enough to your enemy. The view then zooms in and displays your opponents and yourself, and enclose any characters near to this area. The game is really varied and the Japanese language is only a limitation if you want to know more about the storyline.
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BARCODE: 4959067930040


Kisou Louga was released on December 03, 1993 in Japan for 8800 Yen.
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Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;