King's Knight [Model SQF-KG]

A 32-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Square


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King's Knight © 1986 Square Company, Limited.

King's Knight is a vertical fantasy-themed action shooter (with a sprinkling of RPG elements) by Square. The kingdom of Orusea was at peace, until the day princess Claire was kidnaped by Torufidan, a fierce and evil dragon from the hostile kingdom of Izander. The king sends four of his best warriors to rescue the poor damsel in distress - Ray Jack the knight, Kaliva the wizard, Barusa the monster and Toby the thief. But before rushing on to the dragon's castle, they must each first undergo a training phase though four different levels. As they individually fight their way through each location, they come across enemies but also trees and other elements of the scenery that they can destroy with their main projectile weapon. Most of them hide all kind of monsters but also reveal power-up items which give each hero a chance to increase four of their fighting abilities - white crystals (attack), shields (defense), springs (jump) and Boots (speed). Each training-level also features miscellaneous items such as up and down shaped stones that replenish or reduce health, staircases that lead to secret underground stages and magic elements (Elements are important and four of each must be collected in order to cast magic spells during the final battle). Once the training phase is over, all four warriors then unite for the fifth and final level - however, anyone unable to survive their training stage will not join the final battle which greatly compromises the success of the rescue operation. New special items also appear throughout this final stage - the most noticeable (and important) are Arrow icons that give the player a chance to rotate the team and switch to a different group leader. Finally, a continue option is available from the title screen and gives players an opportunity to upgrade all four warriors after a game over (see the 'secrets' section).




King's Knight was released on September 18, 1986 in Japan for 4900 Yen.

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Programmed by Workss.


MSX (1987)
Nec PC-8801 (1987) "King's Knights Special"
Sharp X1 (1987) "King's Knights Special"
Fujitsu FM-7 (Canceled?)

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