King of Diamonds

A 10-year-old Coin-op Pinball by Retro Pinball LLC

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King of Diamonds © 2008 Retro Pinball LLC.

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King of Diamonds the Coin-op Pinball
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The idea of the new retro pinball machine actually arose during a discussion among friends at an Arcade Game Auction in 2002, when Herb Silvers determined the "King of Diamonds [Model 233]" pinball by Gottlieb was the best-selling game in his store. With an idea of making the pinball game electronic, Herb and Reinhard met a few months later to discuss and draw up plans for the new game. Using parts from the manufacturer Stern Pinball Inc., Herb and Reinhard created a prototype they revised during the next few years. An improved version was finally introduced at The Pinball Fantasy Las Vegas show, sponsored by Herb, and was presented to the public and game industry at the Chicago Pinball Expo in 2007—where it was an absolute hit! Gene Goodman and Michael Patz joined the team, shortly thereafter forming the Retro Pinball company. The company signed an agreement with Gottlieb in July of 2007 and will be producing their new pinball game to distributors and home owners starting in 2008. Each game will feature Retro Pinball's custom board system and remanufactured Gottlieb parts, which are easy to replace and repair.

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