Killer Shark

The Gun Game by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

Impossible to emulate


[COIN-OP] Gun Game

Killer Shark © 1972 Sega.

The player's vision of the playfield area, shows an underwater ocean scene. As player grips teh harpoon pistol a shark will be seen in the distance swimming towards the player. The swimming shark's movements are up and down and back and forth.

When player feels the shark is within range he starts to fire; should he hit the shark it will zoom around in the water giving off a sound also blood can be seen coming from the shark.


Killer Shark the  Gun Game
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Height: 69 in.
Width: 27 in.
Length: 35.75 in.

The free game score is adjustable from 8 to 12 shark hits.
The playing time is also adjustable from 45 to 80 seconds on 60 cycle operation. From 55 to 100 seconds on 50 cycle operation.

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