Kill the Attacking Aliens

A 15-year-old Magnavox Odyssey² Game by XYPE

Kill the Attacking Aliens screenshot

Emulated in MAME !

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Kill the Attacking Aliens © 2003 XYPE.

In KTAA, you have been selected to defend planet Earth and its moon colony against alien invaders. Your ship is equipped with a powerful quantum cannon and a strong defensive shield. Your mission is to destroy all of the aliens and prevent the objects on earth from being bombed.


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By: Soeren Gust
Did lots of testing and had many suggestions to improve KTAA: René van den Enden
Suggested the train level: Rafael A. Cardoso Silva
The O2EM emulator was a great help during development, its internal debugger made debuggin much easier. So I want to thank: Daniel Boris (for creating O2EM), André Rodrigues (for maintaining and improving it)

Game's ROM.