Kick-It Pro

Coin-op Redemption Game published 12 years ago by Interactive Light

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Kick-It Pro © 2006 Interactive Light.

The original 'Kick-it' game just got better. A proven earner for many years and many locations, 'Kick-It Pro' is re-designed to offer more durability and a better experience to all players.

'Kick-It Pro' offers children and adults alike to participate in real kicking action to exercise their bodies and not just their minds. Whether they try to score a goal on a formidable goaltender or knock down all 10 pins in this unique version of bowling, players will find plenty of excitement in these great games and play up to 3 of their friends.

Games available :
1. Kick-It : This classic game is what gave Kick-It Pro it's name. Try to kick the ball past the increasingly tough goalies on your way to the cup. Play with friends and choose from multiple difficulty levels.
2. Carniball : Everyone loves a day at the carnival and Carniball is no different. Over 6 different games are played including Dunk Tank, Haunted House, Flipping Players, Moving Ducks, Test of Strength and even a secret stage that you'll have to see to believe. Play with a friend and choose from multiple difficulty levels.
3. Kick Bowling : Bowling is never more fun until you're bowling with your feet. Kick Bowling brings a new twist on bowling by having players kick the balls at the pins. A special treat is shown every time a person kicks a strike. Play 10 frames with up to 3 of your friends.
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Released in December 2006.
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