Kentrvil Ghost

A Slot Machine by Kare Technology

Kentrvil Ghost screenshot

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Kentrvil Ghost © 200? Kare Technology.

Even Oscar Wild would be happy to play such a game! The famous Kentervil Ghost with 5 reels and 15 lines! You'll see the mysterious chests, knights' armour and the scary inhabitants of the old castle. The ghosts are trying hard to frighten you but in vain. You're lucky tonight. You can double your winning by playing cards with the ghosts. At any winning pattern you see a naked beauty on the wall. Even ghosts can’t be left indifferent! Enjoy exciting bonuses of this game!


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Castle : A player finds himself in a castle of ghosts. Opening a window of the castle, he sees the number showing how much the Ghost multiplies your bet. Prize game is over when a lady with bats appears.

Maces : While falling of three or more symbols Maces at any place of a field, a player needs to choose one of Maces. Emerging number will show how many free games he can play without credit reduction.