Kaze Kiri - Ninja Action [Model NXCD3025]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 29 years ago by Naxat Soft.

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Kaze Kiri - Ninja Action [Model NXCD3025] screenshot

風霧 Ninja Action © 1994 Naxat Soft.
(Kaze Kiri - Ninja Action)

Kaze Kiri is a side-scrolling ninja action game by Naxat Soft. The game takes place in Feudal Japan where the kingdom princess Shizuhime is abducted by a group of mysterious ninjas. A feared swordsman called Kaze Kiri, hero of the game, is given the task to rescue the poor girl and restore order. Our ninja can can use a broad variety of fightings skills - he can run, jump, dash and slash without mercy anyone who gets in his way. His primary weapon is a Katana sword but he can also use deadly Kunai daggers to take out his enemies from afar. His ninja skills also allow him to use tricks and disappear for a short amount of time or to regain health by standing still. Kaze Kiri is a beat'm up at heart and each stage is pretty much a straight line to the boss without platforms to jump on nor land obstacles to overcome. The game is composed of nineteen sub-stages and follows a traditional beat'm up structure where every single enemy needs to be eliminated to proceed. A bar at the top of the screen shows how many enemies are still around and helps the player achieve his mission.


BARCODE: 4 988658 931258


Kaze Kiri - Ninja Action was released on April 28, 1994 in Japan for 8600 Yen.


Finishing the game unlocks the playable female ninja Suzu.


Producer & Director: Kazuhiko Inoue
Game Designer & Story Concept: Kazuhiko Inoue
Opening/Ending Visual Designer: Kazuhiko Inoue
Game Programmer: Yoshinori Hironaka
Opening/Ending Visual Programmer: Yoshinori Hironaka
Original Character Designer: Manabu Sakai
Costume Designer: Manabu Sakai
SP/BG Game Graphic Designer: Manabu Sakai
FM Sound/AD PCM Effect Composer: Daisuke Morishima
Character Designer & Sub Costume Designer: Masanori Iizuka (Tomboy)
Chief Animator: Masanori Iizuka (Tomboy)
Animators: Ryuichi Makino (Tomboy), Yoshiura Imae (Tomboy)
Assistant Animators: Mutsumi Aura (Tomboy), Chihaya Toyoshima (Tomboy)
Animation Producer: Hiroki Matsunaga (Tomboy)
Picture Assistant Directors: Masao Kanbara (Tomboy), Katsuhiro Ninomiya (Tomboy)
Special Thanks To: Akira Aranaga (Tomboy), Masao Kanbara (Tomboy), Natsue Yamada (Winds), Natsuyo Arasawa (Winds), Kazuko Yamaguchi (Winds), Toshiharu Tagami
Warning Message Narrator: Mariko Kouda (Aoni Production)
Casting Manager: Yasuaki Sumi (Aoni Production)
Title Designer: Mayuko Tanaka (Parsley Promotion)
Manual Designer: Kayoko Hirai (Parsley Promotion)
Manual Management: Shigeru Hasegawa (Hasegawa Planning)


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com