Kangaroo [Model CX5229]

A 36-year-old Atari 5200 Game by Atari, Inc.

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Kangaroo © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

The object of Kangaroo is to score as many points as you can while helping Mother Kangaroo rescue her precious baby. Use your 5200 controller to guide Mother Kangaroo.

During this rescue mission, Mother Kangaroo encounters many obstacles. Push your joystick up to help her climb ladders, hop over logs, jump over apples, pick bonus fruits and ring the bell. Pull the joystick down to help her duck under apples. Push the joystick diagonally right or left to help Mother Kangaroo take a Super Leap across a broken log. Press any red fire button to help her punch monkeys and apples.


Model CX5229


* When a monkey moves toward you, ready to throw and apple, watch the direction of its throwing arm. If it winds back underhand, the apple will be thrown low like a bowling ball, so jump over it. If it winds up overhand, the apple will be thrown high, so duck under it. As you progress to higher levels, apples will be thrown mid-level, so you can either punch them or jump over them.

* Time your ladder climbing carefully so you can be out of the firing range of falling apples.

* Monkeys are usually the most dangerous when you are moving away from them. Try moving toward them so you can punch them before they can throw apples.

* Time your jumps carefully. Mother Kangaroo can leap from the edge of a branch or a log, but she must land flat on her feet. When preparing for a Super Leap, make Mother Kangaroo walk to the end of the log with her toes hanging over the edge. Then pull your joystick back and immediately push up in the direction of her leap.

* For a high score, climb up and down every screen until all the fruit is picked.

* To score high points on the third screen, punch out all the monkeys in the column; each monkey is worth 400 points.

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