Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon [Model SHVC-66]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 25 years ago by Athena

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???? ????? © 1994 Athena Co. Ltd.

(Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon)

Dezaemon is a vertical shooter editor developed and published by Athena, and it is the second title from the long-running and unique series of the same name. This unique game comes with an already build-in vertical shooter called "Daioh Gale", but this is only half of what's on offer here. Dezaemon allows the player to create his own vertical shooters - to draw all the in-game sprites, design the levels, edit enemy attack patterns, customize power-ups and even compose the music tracks. Daioh Gale somehow shows what the editor is capable of and features six levels, waves of all king of enemy ships, power-ups, special effects and large bosses - and all aspects of this built-in game can be used as a template, changed and tailored with the editor. Dezaemon is all in Japanese though, so anyone not familiar with the language should expect a bit of trial and errors - but the overall interface is almost completely free of text and relies on easily recognizable and comprehensible icons and menus.


[Model SHVC-66]


Released on September 20, 1994 in Japan for 12900 Yen.

Interestingly, Daioh Gale, the sample shooter included with Dezaemon, is loosely based on Daioh, an arcade game originally developed by Athena and released in 1993. Although the space-fighters featured in both games look relatively the same, the gameplay and weapon system are quite different, and, in the end, Daioh Gale is a lot more straightforward and conventional than its arcade parent.

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com