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Jungle Strike [Model 7162]

Sega Genesis game published 27 years ago by Electronic Arts

Jungle Strike [Model 7162] screenshot

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Jungle Strike © 1993 Electronic Arts.

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GAME ID: 7162


[FR] June 1993 - Consoles + N.21: 91/100
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Game Design: John Manley, Antonio Barnes
Programming: Mike Posehn
Art Director: Julie Gast Cressa
Art: Keith Bullen, Jeff Fennel
3-D Models: Michael Shirley, Tim Calvin
Additional Art: Peggy A. Brennan
Music & Sound Effects: Brian Schmidt
Project Management: Susan Manley
Technical Director: Lon Meinecke
Producer: Scott Berfield
Associate Producer: John Manley
Assistant Producer: Antonio Barnes (Tony Barnes), Michael Anthony Lubuguin, Scott Probin
Executive Producer: Scott Orr
Testing Manager: Randy Delucchi
Product Testing: Steve Imes, Michael Hensley (Mike Hensley), John D. Boerio (John Boerio)
Product Manager: Michael C. Prince (Michael Prince)
Marketing Art Direction: Nancy Waisanen
Package Design: E. J. Saraille
Game Text & Documentation: Michael Humes
Documentation Layout: Emily Favors
Documentation Layout (Mise en page de la documentation [EU]): Chris Morgan
Quality Assurance: Mike Lopez, Rob Cavaness, Michael Yasko (Mike Yasko), Paul Armatta, Alex Camilleri
Team photo by (US manual): Rosalind Delligatti (Roz Delligatti)

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