Jungle Hunt [Model CX5222]

Atari 5200 cart. published 39 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Jungle Hunt © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

A leisurely Jungle safari turned into fiasco when your lady friend was kidnapped by two cannibals. They'll turn her into soup if you don't rescue her quickly!

To rescue your friend, you'll need to make your way past four obstacles: a jungle where you'll jump from rope to rope, a river filled with open-jawed crocodiles, a landslide of boulders, and a cannibal campsite where your friend hangs suspended over a steaming pot of soup. use your Joystick to swim through the river and to run on dry land; use the red fire buttons to jump and to use your knife against the crocodiles.

You'll score points as you overcome obstacles, and you'll also score bonus points for rescuing your friend.

You're given three lives at the start of the game. At 10,000 points you are given one extra life - if you survive that long.

When you begin the gane you have 500 seconds to complete your rescue mission. A timer counts down the seconds as you play. The sooner you rescue your friend, the more bonus points you'll earn - so don't dawdle.


Model CX5222


Jumping to a rope: 100 points
Stabbing a crocodile: 100 points closed jaws
Stabbing a crocodile (upper river): 200 points open jaws
Stabbing a crocodile: 200 points closed jaws
Stabbing a crocodile (lower river): 300 points open jaws
Running under a boulder: 50 points
Ducking under a boulder: 100 points
Jumping over a boulder: 200 points
Jumping over a cannibal: 200 points


* The sooner you rescue your friend the more bonus points you'll receive. The deadly Jungle can be especially time-consuming, so practice jumping from rope to rope as quickly as possible.

* If a rope is occupied by a pushy monkey, wait until it climbs up to the top before making your jump

* A crocodile's underbelly is particularly vulnerable; try to come from beneath when stabbing one.

* If you want to conserve lives, simply avoid the crocodiles instead of stabbing them.

* For an extra lift whn jumping over boulders and cannibals, push the joystick forward before you jump. Not only will you jum higher, but you'll also stay aloft longer.

* Sometimes you'll find a large boulder rolling faster than a small boulder. Try to time your leap so that you jump over both at the same time.

* Time your leaps over the cannibals' spears so you reach your friend when she's descending towards the pot. If you leap when she's too high, you'll fall into the soup!


Programmer: Allen Merrell


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