Jungle Hunt [Model CX2688]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Jungle Hunt © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

Home version of the Taito arcade hit!

The object of JUNGLE HUNT is to rescue Sir Dashly's kidnapped mate, who, after hours of valiant fighting, was overpowered by two man-eating (and woman-eating) savages.

To rescue Lady P., you'll have to make your way past four sets of obstacles: the vines of the Forest, the crocodiles of Reptile River, a landslide of bouncing boulders, and the spears of the two masked cannibals. You'll score points for each obstacle Sir Dashly successfully overcomes; you'll also score bonus points for rescuing Lady P.

Since jungle hunting is a dangerous business, you are given five lives at the start of the game. The number of lives remaining is shown on the upper left of your screen. At 10,000 points you are given one extra life - if you survive that long!

When you begin the game you are given 500 seconds to reach Lady Penelope. A timer counts down the seconds until you reach her. You'll score more bonus points for rescuing her quickly, so don't dawdle while you're jumping vines or avoiding crocodiles.

The obstacles you'll encounter on your adventure are:

The Deadly Forest is a swinging place once you get to know it. Here you'll test your coordination and timing as you jump from vine to vine. Since some vines swing faster than others, you'll have to time your leaps carefully. Make a wrong move, and Sir Dashly is finished !


The Reptile River is filled with schools of cantankerous crocodiles. Make Sir Dashly swim out of their way or fend them off with his knife. Beware of any crocodile with its mouth fully open - his knife will be useless against it.

Most of the crocodiles swim in groups of three, but occasionally you'll find a rogue crocodile swimming alone. Rogue crocodiles are worth more points than other crocodiles. Watch out for them! They swim more erratically than the other crocodiles, and often drop down when you least expect it.

Use your Joystick to steer Dudley underwater, but keep your eyes on the air meter at the top of your screen (see Figure 1). If Dudley is still underwater when the meter runs out, he'll have to breath water - and you'll lose a life!


After you successfully cross Reptile River, you'll encounter a landslide of tumbling boulders. There are two sizes of boulders: small rolling rocks and larger bouncing boulders. Leap over the small rocks to avoid getting crushed. Larger boulders are harder to avoid - you'll have to leap over, run under, or duck beneath them to keep out of their way.


You're finally within reach of Lady Penelope, but she's being guarded by spear-wielding savages. You must guide our hero over the spears of the savages and run to the waiting arms of Lady Penelope. Watch out for the tips of the spears. They're poisoned !

After a tearful reunion with his beloved wife Sir Dashly returns to the Deadly Forest for the next level of play. The game becomes increasingly difficult as you move on to higher levels. You can continue to play until you run out of players, or until the timer runs out.


Model CX2688


Jumping to a Vine: 100 points.
Running under a boulder: 50 points.
Stabbing a Crocodile (Closed jaws): 100 points.
Ducking under a boulder: 100 points.
Stabbing a Crocodile (Partially open jaws): 200 points.
Jumping over a boulder: 200 points.
Stabbing a Rogue crocodile: 300 Points.
Jumping over a cannibal: 200 points.

Bonus life: At 10,000 points
Rescuing Lady P.: 3xTimer value
Each time you exit a section of the jungle: 500 points


* The faster you rescue Lady P. the more bonus points you'll receive, so don't waste any time getting to her. The Deadly Forest can be especially time-consuming practice jumping from vine to vine as quickly as possible.

* A crocodile's underbelly is particularly vulnerable, try to come from beneath when stabbing one.

* Since rogue crocodiles are worth up to three times more points than the crocodiles swimming in groups, try to stab them when possible. Watch out, though! The rogues move more erratically than the other crocodiles, and can easily hit you before you're ready.

* If you wish to conserve lives, simply avoid the crocodiles instead of stabbing them.

* For an extra lift when jumping over boulders and cannibals, push your Joystick forward after you make Sir Dashly jump. Not only will he jump higher, but he'll also stay aloft longer.

* To score extra points, try jumping over the large boulders. You'll get up to four times more points than ducking or running beneath them. Time your jump carefully though, since large boulders bounce higher than small boulders.


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