JuJu Densetsu [Model DTF-5J]

A 27-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Taito

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JuJu Densetsu © 1991 Taito Corp.

Juju Densetsu is a multi-scrolling action game by Taito, and adaptation of the arcade game of the same name developed by TAD Corporation and originally released in 1989. The game takes place on a mysterious tropical island and follows the story of an handsome primitive man called Juju (known as Toki in the west). His beloved girlfriend Miho, the island's princess, has been kidnapped by the the evil priest Vookimedlo, and Juju now embarks on a long and perilous journey to save the poor damsel. But the evil enchanter placed our hero under a magic spell, and turned him into a grotesque ape-like creature. Juju now needs to travel through six uniquely themed, and multi directional scrolling stages (caves, underwater lake, volcano, icy mountain and thick jungle), and ultimately reach Vookimedlo's golden palace. JuJu can walk, jump and shoot all kind of fire-projectiles through his mouth, from simple fireballs to triple shots, twin-wave blasts and deadly flames. He can also collect special items along the way, such as the Football Helmet (temporary shield), white shoes (high jump), clocks (extra time), fruits (points), coins (for extra lives) and, later in the game, keys to unlock doors and obstacles. JuJu can repeatedly jump on certain enemies to defeat them, or to reach seemingly unattainable items or platforms. Juju Densetsu also features a alternating two-player mode.


Cartridge ID: DTF-5J


JuJu Densetsu for Famicom was released on July 19, 1991 in Japan for 5900 Yen. This is the 38th title published by Taito for the Famicom.

JuJu Densetsu was an arcade game originally released in 1989 by TAD Corporation. However, the entire game was redesigned while keeping the core, structural concept. It features different stage layouts, various exclusive levels and enemies, but overall lacks the polish from the original game.

Export releases:
[US] "Toki [Model NES-5J-USA]"

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com