Jr. Pac-Man [Model CX26123]

A 30-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari

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Jr. Pac-Man © 1988 Atari Corporation.

On the playground maze, Jr. Pac-Man runs like mad, eating every dot in sight while trying to avoid up to four ghost bullies -- Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Tim. You start the game with three turns, and lose a turn every time a bully catches Junior.

Have Junior eat a power pill when the ghost bullies start closing in. Suddenly, he's stronger than the bullies -- they're running from him! Be aggressive and get them!

Watch for a toy-shaped candy that tromps across the playground. It turns every dot it touches into a bigger dot worth more points. But have Junior eat it before it goes too far -- it can destroy the power pills!


Model CX26123


First ghost: 200 points
Second ghost: 400 points
Third ghost: 800 points
Fourth ghost: 1600 points

Tricycle: 100 points
Kite: 200 points
Drum: 500 points
Balloon: 700 points
Train: 1000 points
Kitty: 2000 points
Root beer: 5000 points

Dot: 10 points
Dot touched by toy candy: 50 points
Energy pill: 50 points

At 15,000 points, you earn a bonus turn.


Don't let Jr. Pac-Man eat the power pills too early. Wait until the bullies gain on him, then have him tease them toward a pill, quickly gobble it, and immediately chase them.

Have Junior eat as many dots as he can before he east the power pills. This gives him more clear paths for chasing bullies.

Dots worth ten points slow Jr. Pac-Man down. Dots worth 50 points slow him down even more. So, when the bullies close in, have Junior dash into a clear path to outrun them.

Jr. Pac-Man turns corners faster than the ghost bullies. When the bullies are closing in, have him make lots of direction changes to outrun them.

Get to know the bullies' personalities. Each one is unique, and you can use that fact to your advantage.

Allow the toy candies to transform as many dots as possible into 50-point dots. But have Junior eat the candies before they destroy the power pills.

Pay attention to game sounds, such as the tromping sound of toy candies. They'll clue you to what's happening in parts of the maze you can't see.

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