Journey to Silius [Model NES-4S-USA]

A 28-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by SUNSOFT

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Journey to Silius © 1990 Sunsoft.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "RAF World [Model TEC-RF]"

Description from the back cover:

In the ruins of Silius, intergalactic terrorists - and their deadly arsenal of weapons - are waiting for you. Are you prepared to face an endless onslaught of flying war robots, humanoid laser cannons, bone crushing traps, and the seemingly invincible Master Ship?

Still want to make the journey? If you do, it will take all your skills to reach the final battle with the terrorist's supreme leader, the merciless, all-powerful Skeletal Android. Journey to Silius. It's level upon level of gigantic supercharged graphics, thundering sound effects and danger at every turn. Go ahead. We dare you!
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Released in September 1990 in the USA.

This American version features a different design for the player character than the one used in the Japanese and European versions of the game (which depicted the main character in a futuristic armor and helmet, instead of having his head exposed). A pre-release build of the Japanese version, simply titled Rough, featured the same player character design used for the retail release of the American version.
Goodies for Journey to Silius [Model NES-4S-USA]
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