Journey Escape [Model 116006]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 36 years ago by Data Age, Inc.

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Journey Escape © 1982 Data Age, Incorporated.

You must lead all 5 members of JOURNEY through waves of pesky characters and backstage obstacles to the Scarab Escape Vehicle before time runs out. You must also protect $50,000 in concert cash from grasping groupies, photographers, and


Model 116006


At the start of the game, you will have $50,000 and 60 units of time. Each time you get stopped by a groupie, photographer or promoter you will lose some of your money. For example, contacting a groupie will result in a loss of $300, a photographer $600 and a promoter $2,000. Each time you contact a Manager, you will gain a bonus of $9,900.

If you make it to your escape vehicle before your time runs out, any extra time will be applied to the next band member. If you manage to get all five band members into the escape vehicle with time to spare, the extra time will be converted to a bonus of $100 for each unit of time saved.

Once the five players are safely in their vehicle, the game will revert to the introductory scene for about 15 seconds, after which time it will automatically switch to the game play scene and an additional $50,000 will be added to your score.


Once you have started the game play, use your joystick controller to guide each JOURNEY band member past the stage barriers, groupies, photographers and promoters. You will only have 60 units of time to reach the escape vehicle, so you must move past the obstacles as fast as possible. For maximum speed, hold the joystick controller in the forward position. When the player moves about two-thirds up the screen, all the obstacles will pass by faster.

Try to contact a roadie or a manaer when they appear. Once you've made contact with a roadie, a series of musical notes will play in rapid succession. As long as the notes are playing, you will be able to run up the middle without being stopped by the obstacles. The manager's appearance will be rare, but if you are fortunate enough to contact him, you will earn an additional $9,900 and will be able to run through the entire crowd to the escape vehicle without being stopped. The time you have just saved can be applied to the next JOURNEY band member. But be careful! Move too fast and you may miss the escape vehicle.

NOTE: For extra quick sideways or backward (downward) moves, use the fire control button while shifting the joystick in the desired direction. Since the promoters will cost you more money than the groupies or photographers, greater attention should be given to avoiding the promoters.

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