Joker's Casino

A Fruit Machine by JPM International

Not emulated yet.


Joker's Casino © ???? JPM.

Joker's Casino is a high stake / high prize level game based upon the Jokers series of games. There are 5 basic stakes available to the player including 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 credits, which are played on a single win line. The player selects the amount to stake using the 'bet' or 'max bet' button. Additional credits and multiwin points can be used to buy up to ten win lines on each of the five basic stakes.

The player selects the number of win lines they wish to play using the 'lines' or 'max lines' button. The total bet is shown as credit plus multiwin on the bet display at the left hand side of the alphanumeric display.


Presented in the Vanquish cabinet.


Released in Czech Republic.

Machine's picture.