Joker Reel

A Slot Machine by Astra Games

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Joker Reel © 200? Astra Games.

Joker Reel is a 4 reel game with 3 base reels containing fruits and jokers.

Reel 4 is an 8 stop reel and contains 8 Euro note values. The 3 base reels are 16 stop. The price of play is 50c and the game consists of 2 independent spins with a hold offered in the middle. This creates a popular hold and draw game. All 3 reels contain 2 joker symbols, these symbols are wild and count as any other. 3 Star symbols in view randomly awards one of four super games.


Joker Reel the Slot Machine
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Available in Casino and I-CAB versions. Dimensions :
Casino : 1835mm High x 583mm Deep x 670mm Wide
I-CAB : 1654mm High x 511mm Deep x 481mm Wide


Released in Italy only.

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