Johnny Nero: Action Hero

Arcade Video game published 15 years ago by ICE

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Johnny Nero: Action Hero © 2004 ICE [Innovative Concepts in Entertainment].

In "Johnny Nero - Action Hero", the player takes on the persona of Johnny Nero. Johnny is a comic book hero that plays in three very different 3-dimensional worlds:
- Space Wars – An evil alien empire is at war with the human race. Johnny Nero is all that stands between them and our total annihilation.
- Curse of The Mummy King – Johnny battles hordes of Egyptian evil enemies and an ancient Pharaoh to recover the priceless Jewel of Amon-Ra.
- Ghost Town – Johnny is a gun-for-hire paid to clean out the evil sheriff and his gun slinging hordes of undead.
Players shoot on-screen enemies and power-ups and shoot off screen to reload. There are 2 modes : Standard and Guns of Fury. The Guns of Fury mode allows one player to play with both guns.


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