Jingi Storm - The Arcade [Model GDL-0037]

A 12-year-old Sega NAOMI GD by Atrativa Japan

Jingi Storm - The Arcade [Model GDL-0037] screenshot

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Jingi Storm - The Arcade © 2006 Atrativa Japan.

A fighting game, with nine selectables male characters plus three secret characters.

In the gameplay all the nine fighters have female companions, whose only purpose is to deliver the winning/losing lines at the end of each match, the particularity is that being defeated these, the girls are shown in sexy poses depending on how badly the losing player was defeated.


GAMe ID: GDL-0037

Runs on the Sega "NAOMI GD-ROM System" hardware.


Released in September 2006.

During the first location test of the game the girls on the losing side would strip, and her clothing would dissapear and ending partially nude in suggestive poses in four levels depending on how badly the losing player was beaten, however, this feature has been removed from the final version and censored using the same images but reedited to show soft images without any nudity.

This game have similarities in some levels and characters, presumably was developed using the canceled game "Force Five".

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