Jewel in the Crown

Fruit Machine published 13 years ago by Maygay Machines

Not emulated yet.


Jewel in the Crown © 2006 Maygay.


Jewel in the Crown makes use of the pre-game gamble concept by allowing players to choose between the standard game or the pre-game gamble super game. Feature entry via the super game option activates the super spins feature automatically. The bonus also becomes active on all paylines and there are enhanced awards available.

Presented in the Horizon cabinet :
Height : 1802mm
Width : 710mm
Depth : 676mm
Weight: 120kg


Exact release date : 10 July 2006


* Three odd or three even gambles in a row award a Skill Bonus.

* Super Spins feature will automatically activate when playing the pre-gamble super game.

* With Super Spins activated, use spins when on a bad number, which may help your next Hi/Lo gamble.

* Look out for the Button Basher feature, each bashed button increases cash prize, any misses will decrease prize.

* Playing pre-game gamble doubles cash values on ladder.

* Look out for the super skill shot from bonus, a good chance to earn big money.

* Lighting all three super feature diamonds awards invincibility.

Machine's picture.